Startup Business

Startup Business

How to Start a Business

How to Start a Business

Launching an enterprise is a personally challenging career option. Are you up to it and have you applied your mind to the task before you made the decision ? The following links will help you make an informed and smart decision :

Do you have entrepreneurial competencies ? Is Entrepreneurship For You?

This is what you might have asked yourself! Do you have the competencies and abilities to be an entrepreneur? A fact check would help....

Top 25 questions you should answer before you leap ...

Starting a business can be the most important decision you make in your life. Ask yourself these 20 questions to begin your preparation and planning.

Key Steps in Launching your business

These 9 steps can help you plan, prepare and launch your business.

Assess and understand Your Market

Learning about the market you are about to enter, understanding your customers, your current competitors and the economic conditions in your industry would do you a lot of good in making key business related decisions.

Useful Business Information, Data & Statistics

Information, data and statistics on various markets, industry, competitors and customer groups.

Business Types

Choosing the right business structure is a key first decision. Explore viable options.

Pricing your product or service

Analysing the market, assessing competition, input costs, etc., is a basis for arriving at product or service pricing. Read on ...

Find a Mentor or Counselor

When starting a business, meeting and chatting with EDIII partner organizations such as TIE, PSG-STEP, TREC-STEP, COWE or Industry Associations like AIEMA can help you avoid common pitfalls.