One of the first decisions you will make is the type of business you will open. Before making your decision, explore the opportunities that are available like a home-based or online business.

Green Businesses (Ecopreneurs)

Green businesses not only benefit the environment, but also use eco-friendly business practices as a means to market their products. Learn more about how to get certified as a green business.


Startups commonly are technology-based businesses and have high growth potential. Learn more about how to start, run and expand a startup or high growth business.

Social Entrepreneurship

Many social issues are hidden or overt business opportunities. It requires a passion for business and/or social concern to launch such businesses. Issues in drinking water, waste management, pollution, traffic snarls, road safety, etc., offer exciting business opportunities for social entrepreneurs. Read on ….

Home-Based Businesses

Many well-known companies like Apple and Ford started as home-based businesses. Many women You just need to know to comply with laws and regulations.

Women-Owned Businesses

Central and State government have programs like UYEGP, PMEGP & NEEDS which apply to women who enjoy special reservations under the scheme. Non subsidy schemes like MUDHRA may also enable you to launch a business straightwaway, for which you may contact the local bank (eg. IOB or Indian Bank) . In addition, Tamil Nadu Corporation for Development of Women also operates schemes that you may want to explore....

Ex servicemen Owned Businesses

Starting a small business is a tremendous opportunity for veterans. Central and State government have programs like UYEGP, PMEGP &NEEDS which apply to ex service men also who come with enormous experience and skill sets. Please apply for any special schemes to the Directorate of Ex servicemen Welfare for additional schemes like SEMFEX

Differently Abled persons

Starting a business can be a great opportunity for those with disabilities because of benefits such as work flexibility. Central and State government have programs like UYEGP, PMEGP & NEEDS which apply to you also. Other than the normal channels of finance, the Cooperatives department of Tamil Nadu obtains refinance for loans with subsidies from the National Handicapped Finance Development Corporation. Differently-abled persons may contact District Rehabilitation officers to file applications for these loan schemes.

Elder & Experienced Entrepreneurs

Are you nearing retirement and exploring new business opportunities? Or are you wanting to quit your job and launch your business with the experience and skills that you have gathered? You would have built a tidy sum as equity capital in the form of a part of your savings. Getting a bank loan and using existing schemes would be far easier for you. Opportunities for Startups or Green Business above are valuable links for you....

Online Businesses

Establishing a business presence on the Internet can be a great way to sell and market goods and services.

Franchise Businesses

Franchises can provide an opportunity for ready-made business success, but they also come with a variety of challenges.

Buying Existing Businesses

Buying an existing business can be less risky than starting one from scratch. However, know the terms of purchase before doing so.