Find a Mentor or Counselor

When you have decided to start a business, meeting up and chatting with successful entrepreneurs would be immense help. The senior entrepreneur who is willing to take on the role of a mentor can allocate some time at his or her convenience while the mentee (to-be-entrepreneur ) who has declared his or her willingness to learn must be able to tap into the experience and knowledge without wasting the mentor's time. Guidelines for mentors and mentees may be broadly kept in mind so that the relationship is sustainable.

However, the mentee must keep in mind that he or she alone is totally responsible for any business decision and the blame cannot be passed on the mentor for any failures. Hence, the mentee must always apply her mind to the advise given by the mentor and take a balanced decision. It must alsways be understood that the mentor's role is to only highlight options, benefits, risks and consequences enabling the mentee to make an informed choice and NOT to take any decision on behalf of the mentee.

EDII has commenced mentoring since a few years in for entrepreneurs covered under NEEDS. EDII proposes to launch an online mentoring service which would enable willing entrepreneurs to register their interest in mentoring upcoming entrepreneurs. Ahandbook for mentors and mentees would be published shortly.

EDII partner organizations such as TIE, PSG-STEP, TREC-STEP, COWE or Industry Associations like AIEMA can help you avoid common pitfalls. The following organisations can help you to locate a suitable mentor:


TIE : The Indus Entrepreneurs

Industry Associations like Ambattur Industrial Estate Manufacturers Association, CODISSIA

• Business Incubators in colleges : PSG-STEP, TREC-STEP, etc.