Govt Supported Programmes

Who Are We

EDI Chennai is conducting NEEDS,UYEGP,EDP programmes  sponsored by Government of Tamilnadu & Government of India...
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Self Financed Programmes

Who Are We

EDI Organizing Self financed Programmes like Gold Jewellery Appraisal, Solar  Energy,  Aari and Zardhoshi...
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EDP for Graduating Students

Who Is Speaking?

The programme aims to provide entrepreneurship awareness among students in colleges across Tamilnadu.
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EDI: At a Glance

Entrepreneurship Development Institute

Tamilnadu, Chennai

Established in 2001, the Entrepreneurship Development Institute (EDI), Chennai is an apex organisation in the field of entrepreneurship education and self-employment promotion in the state of Tamil Nadu. Slideshow image Entrepreneurship Development Institute, Chennai (EDI) was constituted by Government of Tamil Nadu and is administered by Department of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME). EDI has embarked on a multipronged strategy to be executed in the next few years which involves a series of programs to be introduced with the objective of promoting Entrepreneurship in Tamilnadu.

The different training programs which are provided by the department will certainly help the individuals who have an ambition to start their own enterprise and thereby follow their dreams.

EDI is partnering with the best HR and training companies in the country to deliver these programs. These companies have experienced trainers in specific domains who will be able to deliver the programs in an effective manner.