Academic Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Programme (AIEDP)

A comprehensive program for colleges, polytechnics and ITI’s, is being implemented with the objectives of improving the college entrepreneurial and innovation ecosystem development, faculty and student entrepreneurship competency development, faculty and student innovation promotion among youth. This programme is implemented successfully through “Hub and Spoke” model.  Resourceful universities and colleges are recognized as hubs which support around 30-50 colleges.  So far, 31 hubs with 1772 spoke colleges have been formed.

This programme encourages formation of Entrepreneurship cell (E-cell) in spoke colleges.  So far, 1545 E-cells have been formed, offering tailor - made entrepreneurship programmes for students and faculty members. The activities of E-cell are:

  • Orientation and motivation
  • Opportunity assessment
  • Kick-starting the entrepreneurial campus
  • Business planning workshops
  • Prototype to commercialization- drafts preparation
  • Market analytics
  • Team building
  • Managing funds/ entrepreneurship finance
  • Social entrepreneurship locally in the area

Awareness and training programmes on entrepreneurship development is being imparted to improve the competency of the students and the faculty in the higher education institutions. Details of various programme conducted in the financial year 2022-23 under this component are listed below:-

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Top management meet





Entrepreneurship awareness




Faculty development programme















During the financial year 2022-23, 6 new hubs have been formed and top management meet has been conducted in these newly formed hubs located in Tamil Nadu Agricultural University - Coimbatore, Fisheries College and Research Institute - Thoothukudi, Tamil Nadu Veterinary and Animal Sciences University - Chennai, Madras School of Social
Work - Chennai, Thiruvalluvar University - Vellore, Industrial Training Institute - Chennai. Also, design thinking workshop has been conducted to promote student innovation in 42 spoke colleges covering 975 students during the financial year 2022-23.

2.2. Tamil Nadu Student Innovators (TNSI)

TNSI is a flagship programme of EDII-TN, implemented every year with the aim to identify student innovators and encourage them to build a minimum viable product to convert their ideas into prototype.
The main components of TNSI are awareness, ideation, boot camps and final pitch, with an award of Rs.1 lakh to each of the best 25 teams selected at the State level with a total cost of Rs.25 lakh.  During the
financial year 2022-23, 298 awareness programmes were conducted benefitting 44,844 students.  7867 ideas have been received from the spoke college students and are being scrutinized to select the best
25 teams. 
During the financial year 2022-23, an amount of Rs.224.63 lakh has been disbursed by EDII-TN for the above