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School Innovation Development Project (SIDP) - 2022-23

Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Programme (IEDP) Introduction

Entrepreneurship Development and Innovation Institute, has launched comprehensive program named IEDP for entrepreneurship and innovation development for all Colleges, Polytechnics, ITIs, etc. SIDP is a new addition for School children under the IEDP division.

Objectives of IEDP

  • To create a positive and dynamic Entrepreneurship a Innovation ecosystem within and around higher educational institutions
  • To build entrepreneurial and innovation competencies of faculty, students and alumni.
  • To support growth and graduation of new high impact enterprises of students, alumni and people.
  • To incentivize and support creation of commercialization of intellectual property.

SIDP – Overview

  • Honorable Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Thiru. M. K. Stalin has set a vision for the state to become a USD 1-trillion economy by 2030.
  • Focus on the strong youth population for the Great Initiatives as Entrepreneurs, Innovators, Skilled workforce, Professionals and Leaders etc.
  • Properly oriented to play their part effectively with 21st century skills for Industrial needs and contribute their skills to the development of the nation.
  • EDII-TN with the support of Department of School Education - Tamil Nadu, has launched the SIDP - 2022-23 for the academic year 2022-23.
  • To inculcate the spirit of Innovation and Develop Entrepreneurial skills among the school students of 9th to 12th standard across Tamil Nadu.

Target -School and Student     

Districts 38
Schools 5,000+
Awareness to students 3,00,000+
Regional level boot camp 380 Teams (10 teams per District)
State level boot camp 40 Teams (1 team per District)
Final Pitch 40 Teams
Awards State Level Winners: 10 Teams (Rs.1 Lakh Cash)
State Level Runners: 30 Teams (Rs. 25,000 Cash)

Objectives of SIDP

  • To expose school students to the cycle of innovation and promote the culture of entrepreneurship.
  • To inspire students to solve real life problems by using a simple design thinking process as a method to innovate, collaborate and obtain leadership cum entrepreneurship skills.
  • To build the capacity of the teaching community to play a vital role in building an entrepreneurial, innovative ecosystem in schools and be mentors to the evolving minds.


          Igniting Entrepreneurship is provided to more than 3 lakh school students in more than 5000 schools. More than 12000 teams from all the districts are have been introduced to Innovation and Entrepreneurial Skill-Sets in the SIDP journey It will trigger the spark required to inspire other school students in future. At least 20% ATAL Labs will be utilized with students and teachers getting involved. At least 10% of Students involved in the next level (Boot Camps) may pursue innovation & technology oriented start-up as a career choice

School Level - Preparatory steps

  • The Head Master/Head Mistress of each Higher Secondary School in the state shall identify one strong capable teacher from their school and appoint them as SIDP Guide Teachers to facilitate SIDP activities in their school.
  • Coordinate all activities associated with the challenge through a consultative process
  • The details of the identified guide teacher should be registered on the SIDP website.
  • The teacher would be oriented and trained on the activities under the Problem Solving Design Thinking process and entrepreneurship by EDII-TN
  • On completion of training the SIDP Guide Teachers should coordinate all associated activities under the leadership of the Head Master / Head Mistress.

Role of SIDP Guide Teachers

  • Should attend the half day orientation program and subsequently they should orient the students.
  • Should form teams based on pure merit and the aptitude of the students.
  • Should encourage all the fellow teachers and students to participate and contribute towards the successful organization and coordination of the program.
  • Should also coordinate with experts and entrepreneurs and provide necessary mentoring for the students
  • Should organize School level pitching and select minimum two teams by bringing in experts and entrepreneurs and with the support of HM.
  • Should accompany (or depute another responsible teacher from school with the consensus of HM) the students for Regional and State level pitching and ensure their safety and security during their travel and stay outside their home.
  • Responsible for uploading all data and details of all activities under the challenge in the web portal.
  • Travel, stay and food expenses incurred by the SIDP Guide Teacher (for self or for his/her SIDP Students Team) for any of the SIDP activities will be either reimbursed or taken care of by EDII-TN/UNICEF

Role of Head Master / Head Mistress

  • Understand the important contribution of SIDP in shaping the future of the state with the help of students and align with Tamil Nadu CM’s vision for the state.
  • Head Master /Head Mistress as a leader to create visionary for economic as well associal growth and lead the entire team.
  • Extent good support to the SIDP Guide Teacher in organizing the challenge.
  • Ensure that the PTA plays a very constructive and supportive role in this entire program.
  • Coordinate with the DEO/CEO office and arrange all programs smoothly

Role of Chief Education Officer

  • The CEO is the Nodal Officer for this SIDP program who shall be assisted by the DEOs and all officials in the Department of School Education.
  • CEO shall give detailed instructions to the school covering all aspects of the program as per the instruction of Govt.
  • CEO should ensure appointment and orientation of SIDP guide teachers and conduct of the school level competition in all schools under his jurisdiction.
  • CEO shall organize the Regional level Boot Camp. CEO to invite the District Collectors, Eminent Industrials to recognise top teams of each district in their region.
  • CEO should inform the respective schools about the shortlisted students for the grand finale at state level.
  • Coordinate with the respective school/teacher to ensure their participation in the final pitch

United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund - UNICEF

  • UNICEF as an knowledge partner organization for the implementation of the School Innovation Development Project (SIDP) and provides an online web portal in which all SIDP activities will happen and be tracked.
  • UNICEF will be provided with video-based curriculums containing entrepreneurship awareness in Tamil and English to help them create Innovative ideas about innovation and entrepreneurship through the website.
  • The training materials will be in English and Tamil languages.
  • The capacity building training like Training of Trainers Programme will be provided by UNICEF to all stakeholders like District Coordinators and Field Coordinators.
  • Participate and guide in all kinds of SIDP activities in the districts and the state level.

Department of School Education (DSE)

  • The Department of School Education (DSE) plays a lead role in all SIDP activities.
  • Department of School Education (DSE) also shares the details of Educational Districts, Schools and Details for Communication and issue necessary orders.
  • Provide instructions to support the initiatives across all the Districts of Tamil Nadu.
  • Acknowledge and support the efforts of EDII-TN and UNICEF to nurture and develop innovation and entrepreneurship in Schools.
  • Permit / give access to the schools in their jurisdiction to conduct programmes and workshops that benefit students and teachers.
  • Give directions to their Directorates to ensure participation by the schools. Instructions to CEOs/DEOs to promote schools to participation, Team Identification, and Schedule training to the ToT training for Teachers, Student training, and idea submission.
  • Promoting students to participate in awareness and further stages of SIDPFormation of student teams, collecting innovative ideas (minimum 2 teams from each school).

Further details please contact us:
IEDP Division

EDII-TN, Parthasarathy Kovil Street,
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