Skill Development EDP

ONE should know technology or should learn and know technology if he wants to start a business.  EDII enables learning technology or process or acquire skill by imparting training through skill development programmes. Skill development programmes are conducted in components of Entrepreneurship and or  activity skills, The objective of these Skill Development Programmes is to convert the participants as Entrepreneurs. Therefore, these programmes carry components of Entrepreneurship also within the module resulting in Entrepreneurship Skill Development Programmes (ESDP).

Higher level of skills namely Technology is also offered through Technology based Entrepreneurship Development  Programme (TEDP) .

Some skills can be acquired through short term programmes which are offered through EDII.  If funding is available through agencies of Government these are offered as free programmes.  If not, these are offered on self-finance basis as Paid Programmes.  Skill Development Programmes are organized based on demand. 

The following are some of the common activity Skill Development Programmes:

  • Food Processing Programmes, Fish Processing, Healthy Foods, Organic Foods, Confectionery and Bakery, Milk and Milk Products, Masaala Powder, Pickles, Jam Preparation.
  • Tailoring, Beautician Course, Aari and Jardosi, Fashion and Designing, LED assembling, Mobile Phone service and repairs
  • Web designing, Hardware and Networking, Digital Marketing
  • Lathe and Welding,


Some TEDPs:

  • CNC machine operator
  • Two wheeler/Four wheeler mechanism

EDP components:

 Sales and Marketing

  • Digital Marketing
  • Export and Import Procedures
  • Taxation
  • Risk Management and Insurance

Proposal are underway to conduct skill programmes in Design Clinics, 3D Printing, Accounting through Tally, Bank Fund Management etc.

Skill Development Programmes may be organized based on demand on topics which would promote Entrepreneurship and registration for the requirement may be done.