New Entrepreneurs EDP

Entrepreneurship is a culture.  The culture is inculcated by one if he comes from a family of business. But those who know nothing about a business but capable to run a business otherwise should learn what is entrepreneurship first.  It is found  same business faces success at the hands of one entrepreneur and faces failure at the hands of the other one.  It is said the enterprise never fails only the entrepreneur fails.  Successful entrepreneurs possess competencies which are commonly found in all of them.  An aspiring entrepreneur has to learn  about these competencies and acquire them.  An Entrepreneurship Development Programme (EDP) lays the way for a successful entrepreneur.  One of the primary tasks of EDII  is to conduct EDPs targeting fresh Entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurship Development Programmes of EDII  are designed as a life cycle approach and process based.  A one day Entrepreneurship Awareness Programme  in Phase-1, is done where people interested in launching their own business venture is collected through a signup process.  Next a programme on Business Model and Business Plan Preparation  for a duration of 7 days will be organized for those who signed up in Phase-1.  This will lead them to prepare a business plan and seek financial arrangements.  For those who are ready with their Business Plan will be guided through the process of applying for loans through schemes of Government or directly to banks.  Once they are ready with their financial arrangements and have obtained sanctions from banks will imparted training in business launch in Phase-3. Thus a EDP in wholesome is offered through a process of selection.

These programmes enable the aspirers of business to finalize their idea of a business in the first phase, develop their business models and prepare a business plan.  With the kind of support they face their bankers confidently and bankers also appreciate the competency of the entrepreneurs.  This reduces the chances of rejection of loan proposals on the ground of viability.  Many are exposed to the avenues before them in selection of projects, funding options, and support institutions.

While these programmes offered as open to all fresher, beneficiaries of funding schemes of Government such as UYEGP, PMEGP and NEEDS are also offered EDPs for 7 days, 10 days and 25 days through EDII only, across the state.

All these EDPs are offered as mentorship programmes with mentors connect and on field market study also.

In short a EDP  makes you to think, plan and launch successfully