20 January 2021


Duration of this course: 45 mins.

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05 January 2021


Challenging the traditional model of business, requires greatest determination in understanding the current business scenario and designing a suitable business model. The attitude of the new age entrepreneur decides the altitude (profit) of the business. In this presentation a profitable business model has been designed and rendered for the budding entrepreneurs. The three segments - offering, monetization and sustainability plays a major role in any business model. Also the eight aspects in the continuum of the business been elaborated in the presentation!
About the Presenter: Joe Vasanth - A visiting faculty for EDII-TN, Research consultant for 3G Labs @IIT Madras Research Park and a freelance workshop consultant for the Times of India Group for the NiE programme.

Duration of this course: 35 mins.


05 January 2021


This presentation is about "Design Thinking", a course brought to you by Artworkshop & Communication. It isn't about design, it's Design Thinking. It's one of the advanced magic tools for Entrepreneurs and Professionals to become successful in their business.

Design Thinking follows a defined process. You can use a variety of methods to arrive at a solution within the framework. The methods you choose depend on the project's needs and goals and understanding of the customers' requirements. This is the course where Entrepreneurs trained in design thinking to bring value to their business.

Presented by K. Shanmugasundaram (Shan), he is a Soft skills and Life skills trainer, who covered more than 10,000 individuals so far and covered hundreds of Schools and Colleges.

05 January 2021


Artworkshop and Communication presents, "Business Storytelling" is one of the most powerful communication workshops where Entrepreneurs and Professionals learn the art and science of storytelling about their business on how they started the business, brand development, customer testimonials, vision and mission statements, and facts and figures of their business. It's vital information when you do the presentation in the form of storytelling. Learn the way to extract stories from data and use visuals to convey vital messages through your presentation. Along these lines, it’s an art and science of how you tell your business information makes your business successful.

This power of storytelling in business brought to you by, K. Shanmugasundaram (Shan), who conducts the nuts and bolts of Entrepreneurship through Business storytelling to Entrepreneurs, Professionals, and Students.

05 January 2021


This presentation is about the  concept  of  waste  to  wealth  which  is  the  transformation  of  waste  from  an  exhausted  utility  to  a  valuable commodity as a mechanism for effective solid waste management is yet to be properly utilized in Delta State. This study  examined  the  waste  market  operation;  identified  the  challenges  facing  its  operation;  preffered  possible solutions necessary for  the growth of  the waste  market, and also the  need  to  harness the inherent  economic  and environmental benefits.

Presented by Vender Vendan R, he is a Consultant and trainer – Social & Human Capital – EDP & CSR.

Duration of this course: 35 mins.


05 January 2021


This presentation is about women power and the Socio Economic transformation that Women Entrepreneurs have been creating in the economy without much noise. The presentation addresses the systemic issues namely social & cultural norms that constrain the ability of women to establish, improve and grow enterprises and emphasises on’ Chase your dream and don’t take what you get’ with directions on skills to be developed to become entrepreneurs. The Women Entrepreneurs as champions of change is explained with three successful women entrepreneur stories – one in the Technology space employing rural youth, one in the space of Handicrafts and the other from the so called low value added women products.

With the Central Government initiating various schemes with the view to support more ‘ Job creators rather than Job Seekers’ - This presentation will motivate the viewers to introspect the dormant potential within her or him coupled with an understanding of the environment to build a product or service that will bring change in one’s own life and in the lives of others by creating employment opportunities.

Presented by Dr Rosy Fernando; Founder, Startup Solutions and training Partner for EDII Chennai. Formerly she was Prof.& Head, Department of Commerce and Dean, Student Training & Development at M.O.P Vaishnav college for women, who has over three decades of teaching experience in the field of Entrepreneurship and Commerce. She is widely recognized as a leading expert in entrepreneurship and small business having trained and mentored over 20,000 youth, SHG’s , Small Business owners and Academicians. She earned her PhD in Entrepreneurship from the University of Madras.

28 December 2020


The presentation is about the various schemes provided by the Govt. of India for the start up's in protecting their innovations, IPR's for the successful long run of the entities. The Ministry of Commerce and Ministry of Electronics and information technology have various schemes with fee discounts and financial support for the start up's in identifying their research innovations and their protection in India and around the world for attracting the venture capitalists and angel investors.

Presented by D.THIYAGARAJA GUPTHA with an M.Tech in communication systems from Pondicherry  Engineering College and currently working as Deputy Controller of Patents and Designs  at Delhi, Chennai & Kolkata Patent Office, DPIIT, Ministry of Commerce & Industries, Govt. of India.


29 December 2020


The primary objective of financial statement analysis is to understand and diagnose the information contained in financial statement with a view to judge the profitability and financial soundness of the firm and to make forecast about future prospects of the firm.No lending institution assumes the liability of a large business loan without critical information provided by financial analysis of its performance. Let us understand in this article how entrepreneurs evaluate a business opportunity and also how the lenders evaluate a loan proposal using the different techniques of financial analysis.

(The author is a free lancer cum guest faculty in several bank’s staff training colleges at Chennai.)

Duration of this course: 30 mins.


29 December 2020


Successfully scaling up the business can provide long-term sustainability and financial rewards for business owners.The process of professionalising the business is the recognition of the importance of motivated, well-informed and talented people within the business as well as putting in place business plans and KPIs to monitor performance apart from proper delegation. This includes establishing and formalising processes to implement the business plan, setting performance expectations with clear, well-defined goals and nurturing the culture and values of the business as the business grows. Let us understand in this article, how a small entrepreneur can professionalise his business and take a big leap forward.

(The author is a free lancer cum guest faculty in several bank’s staff training colleges at Chennai.)

Duration of this course: 30 mins.


28 December 2020


This Presentation Gives an Insight of Organic farming methods uses and various Details of Organic Farming Startups and how to facilitate Organic Farming from Farm to End Customer Reaching . how to start Startups related to Organic Farm Produce . The Various Methods of Organic Farming Natural Fertilizers and Organic Pest controllers can be studied Further in details . Any doubts and clarifications can be given as feedbacks to the contact and mail id provided in the presentation. All the best . Lets make a Nutritive Food Mechanism tour Furure generation of Children and Humanity . Cheers


28 December 2020


This presentation will explain the key strategies & Decision-Making skills for entrepreneurs. Strategic choices made by entrepreneurs have major consequences in Entrepreneurs’ performance and organisational growth.

The aim of this presentation is to teach entrepreneurs how to take strategic decisions in order to achieve success. The different levels of strategies, Modes of strategic planning, Different approaches to decision making are the some of the topics covered here.

Duration of this course: 40 mins.


26 December 2020


This presentation gives a fair idea about what is banking and what bankers look in to while processing a loan application. What are all the documents to be submitted to the bank for processing a loan without delay has been explained in this presentation. A brief note on CIBIL, CGTMSE and few loan schemes have also been given for the benefit of learners. This presentation will definetely enthuse new entrepreneurs to approach banks with better preparations and with confidence. I wish all the best for all those who want to take the assistance of banks in building their future. I look forward to your views and comments.

Best of luck.

Presented by P. Shanmugam, retired as Senior Manager from Canara Bank with over 38 years of banking experience and Guest Faulty at EDII-TN Guindy, Chennai-32

Duration of this course: 30 mins.



22 December 2020


SMBS - Small Business and Medium Solutions

This presentation is helping small businesses grow. Learn about the great free tools Google provides small businesses via Google My Business, Google Analytics, Google Ads, SEO, Page speed Insights, Google Search Console. If you have a website, there's a good chance you're already using Google platforms and tools. As you grow your business, this is one of the best ways to start getting more sales. Walk through this presentation and get the benifit out of it.

Duration of this course: 30mins.

Presented by Jeyaveera Prakash V, Google Ads - Analyst, O3M Directional Marketing. Expert in Digital Marketing.


19 December 2020


This presentation gives you an insight right from various forms of funding - seed funding, angel funding, venture capital funding, private equity funding. What it means, and how it works, at what stages and what amounts are usually into play, how the funding is used in those specific stages, etc. have been briefly covered. This introduction to the venture capital and other funding will help you to understand the lay of the land and the investment that are available for startup companies. Enjoy watching! Look forward to your comments and thoughts! Good luck! 

Presented by Shyam Sekar S, Founder and Chief Mentor - Startup Xperts, Founder - Voxit Media.


17 December 2020


Export Promotion Councils (EPCs) are organizations established / registered under various statutes and set up with the objective to promote and develop Indian exports. Each Council is responsible for promotion of a particular group of products/ projects/services. In this module we are going to learn about the various export promotion councils in India and their services available for exporters and procedure to become a member of Export Promotion councils by an Exporter are discussed

17 December 2020


Marketing is used to promote the product or service, Branding is used to actively shape your brand and who you are. You need a strategies for both and they have different goals and different results. 

Branding is the process of communicating a unique selling proposition, or differential, that sets a product or service apart from the competition. The techniques include the use of logos, taglines.

Go-To-Market plan is a strategic action plan specifically focused on the steps needed to move in a new direction. This could be entering a new market, launching a new product. Do Your Research. Get a hold of data to inform your strategy all the way down the line. Write a Brand Summary. Start from the beginning, Define Your Target Audience. Add a Situational Analysis. Outline Marketing Objectives. Create the Marketing Strategy. List the Tactics and Implementation.


17 December 2020


Starting your own business is super-exciting. It is something that is challenging, fulfilling, and different than any thing you have probably done in your life. Through this E-Learning, I discuss the advantages of being an entrepreneur as well as the challenges before stepping into any business & further optimal utilization of digital technologies. 
This E-Learning session would remain as a starting point for any fresh entrepreneur to learn the pros & cons in entrepreneurship directing the person to become a successful entrepreneur. Welcome

19 September 2017


E-commerce is a combination of art and science to generate revenues through Internet and mobile technologies. MSME companies around the world have started making money since 1998, even small businesses in developed countries have been successful in generating decent income through E-commece.

19 September 2017


People spend more time using digital medium like email, facebook, mobile apps, whatsApp, etc. and the process of reaching out to customers via any of these media is known as Digital Marketing

31 August 2017

Business Model Canvas

Project ideation is the first step for a potential entrepreneur.  Having chosen a project/business he has to design his business model.  This business model is a tool which enables an entrepreneur to decide who is his customer, how to reach him, they mode of delivery, his pricing strategy, etc.  

17 August 2017


Scheduled Caste / Scheduled Tribe belongs to weaker section and together make up 25% of the Indian population. 70 % of the Scheduled Caste and 85% of the Scheduled Tribe are living in rural areas. Socially disadvantages groups of SC/ST need constant special focus for their Social Economic Development. This e course on Development Schemes for SC/ST beneficiaries, details about the various ecconomic development schemes available to the SC/ST.

04 August 2017


Entrepreneurship in life science is one of the emerging career options for young graduates and doctorates.  With the setting up of the Biotechnology Industry Research Assistance Council (BIRAC) by the DBT, Government of India, there are numerous schemes for facilitating bioentrepreneurship.

21 July 2017


This self-paced training exercise is an introduction to Energy Management in Industries and Home, etc.

03 January 2017

Translational Research Platforms

This e-learning course is focuses on Translational Research Platforms how can be commercialized and how it will be promoted to industry,Translation,Research model,productization,facilitygeneration,BiosafetyLaboratory,Technology,Commercialization potential score card,Validation,work plan for technology development etc.

03 January 2017

EDI-Library and other learning

Library is the important resource for the budding Entrepreneur to identify their business and further to develop. EDI-Library is a special,exclusive library for the Entrepreneurs alone.Books,Projects,CD's,DVD's,Model Businessplan reports,useful weblinks,Magazines everything contain information about Business & Industries.

03 January 2017


This e-learing course focuses on  5S house keeping through team work and Total Quality Managementand Procedures. this will help entrepreneurs for improvement of productivity,management,lean manufacturing,and other benefits etc.

03 January 2017

Strategies to address challenges in establishment and management of cluster

In Indian context, majority of cluster development schemes are emphasizing on establishment of Hard Interventions - CFCs or physical infrastructure. 90% of the total budget earmarked for cluster development initiatives in India is for infrastructure. The challenges faced and the strategies to overcome such issues are reviewed here. The Capacity Building of Cluster Manager is very important for successful carryover of any cluster. This E-learning module will help to understand the strategies to overcome issues.

03 January 2017


The objective of Design Clinic scheme is to enhance industry understanding and application of design and innovation, and to promote design as a value adding activity and integrate it into mainstream business and industrial processes of MSMEs. The goal is to help MSME manufacturing industries move up the value chain by switching the production mode from original equipment manufacturing to original design manufacturing and hence original brand manufacturing. This E-learning module speaks in detail about this scheme.

03 January 2017


This e-learing course on Export Procedures and Documentation(Part-I) focuses on International Business practices,export import documentation and Procedures. This will help the prospective exporters to learn practical aspects of International Trade.

03 January 2017


This e-learning course is focuses on entrepreneurship in manufacturing sector and Mega trends and opportunities, factors of competitiveness, stages of entrepreneurship, business model canvas, idea &finance arrangement, lessons from failure..etc

03 January 2017

Finance-management for MSMEs

Financial management refers to the efficient and effective management of funds in such a manner as to accomplish the objectives of the organization. It is the specialized function directly associated with the top management. It involves planning, directing, monitoring, organizing, and controlling of the monetary resources of an organization.

03 January 2017


This course is designed for Entrepreneur to learn about formation procedures of the business. the concepts involved in this course are Types of Business,VAT,PAN,TAN,Bank account creation etc.

30 December 2016

Personal Entrepreneurial Competencies

This self-paced training exercise describes Personal Entrepreneurial Competencies,Opportunity Seeking and Initiative,Risk Taking,Demand for Efficiency and Quality,Commitment to the Work Contract,Information Seeking etc.

30 December 2016

Road Map to effective cluster development

Given the diverse nature of the MSEs in terms of both geographical location and sectoral composition, the MSE-CDP scheme aims at addressing the needs of the industries, through well defined clusters and geographical areas. This will enable achieving the economies of scale in terms of deployment of resources as well as focusing on the specific needs of similar industries. The capacity building of associations, setting up of special purpose vehicles (SPVs), consortia, etc. which are integral part of the scheme would enable the MSEs to leverage their resources and also to have better access to public resources, linkages to credit and enhance their marketing competitiveness. This E-learning module speaks on the road map for effective cluster development.