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Innovation and Entrepreneurship culture of a country is often regarded as a greatest national advantage in an increasingly competitive world. Innovation infrastructure includes Universities & Colleges, Research Institutions, Laboratories and Startup companies. The quality of such E&I ecosystems has attracted many of the world’s best and brightest people to pursue careers in R&D, innovation and entrepreneurship in such countries. Many of them become leaders and entrepreneurs across these nations – creating cutting-edge innovative products and services and building great companies. As nations compete with each other for leadership in innovation, Colleges and Universities are doing their part to maintain this leadership and to nurture more innovation, create processes and programs to commercialize innovations and promote entrepreneurship as a viable career path for students. Universities use different approaches to encourage innovative thinking.

Taking note of the Vision 2023 statements of the Government of Tamil Nadu, the Entrepreneurship Development and Innovation Institute, has launched a comprehensive program ie. Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Program (IEDP) for entrepreneurship and innovation development for all Colleges, Polytechnics, ITIs, etc.

Objectives of IEDP would be as below:

  • Create a positive and dynamic Entrepreneurship & Innovation ecosystem within and around higher educational institutions
  • Build entrepreneurial and innovation competencies of faculty, students and alumni
  • Support growth and graduation of new high impact enterprises of students, alumni and people
  • Incentivise and support creation and commercialisation of intellectual property.

The Program is founded on three important process:

• i) College Entrepreneurial & Innovation Ecosystem Development Processes
• ii) Faculty & Student Entrepreneurship Competency Development Processes
• iii) Faculty and Student Innovation Promotion Processes

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Camp for School Children on business Competencies held at Agni College of Technology, Chennai

Read more the Guidelines for Entrepreneurship & Innovation Development Program in Higher Educational Institutions

List of colleges which are part of EDII- IEDP

Minutes of the Video Conference meet with Hubs on implementation of IEDP dated on 18.11.2016

Photo Gallery of FDP Training held at Anna University - Hub,Chennai during 25-27th October 2016.

Photo Gallery of FDP Training held at Kumaraguru College of Technology - Hub,Coimbatore during 10-12th November 2016.

Photo Gallery of FDP Training held at Anna University - Hub,Chennai during 24-26th November 2016.

NEN Format curriculum & practicum details.

Student Reigstration Form for Practicum

Minutes of the IEDP review meet with NEN and FCs on 31.1.2017 at 2.00 p.m. at EDII

Calendar for Learnwise Activities to be taken up in the next 3 months

Member colleges Learnwise status format

 2-day workshop on ''Strategies for Bio-tech Entrepreneurship" held at Anna University, UIC Biotechnology during 1-2 Feb, 2017

E - Leaders workshop held at at Sona College of Technology, Salem - Hub during 30-31 Jan 2017

 Two day workshop on "Strategies for Biotech Entrepreneurship" at SASTRA UNIVERSITY on 27th & 28th January 2017

 E-leaders workshop held at Thiyagarajar College of Engineering, Madurai during 11-12 Jan, 2017.

 FDP Training held at Anna University Regional Campus ,Coimbatore during 04-06 Jan 2017

 Review Meeting for Hubs under IEDP held at Anna University, Chennai - Hub on 07.02.2017.

 AICTE Startup Policy Dissemination Workshop 2017,held at Anna Univeristy on 1st March 2017

Strategies for Bioentrepreneurship - List of Participants.pdf

Strategies for Bio-tech Entrepreneurship Workshop Report.pdf

See more videos of AICTE Startup Policy Dissemination Workshop held at Anna University,Chennai on 01.03.2017.

One Day Awareness Programme for ITI Students on 18th April @ ITI Guindy

One Day Awareness Programme for ITI Students on 19th April @ ITI Thiruvanmiyur 

Top Management Meet and the RSAP Felicitation program at Coimbatore on 26.04.2017


Top Management meet at Thiagarajar College of Engineering,Madurai

Top Management meet at Anna University,Tirunelveli

Top Management meet at SASTRA University,Tanjavur

Enantra 2018

Startup Mania 2018

Seed Money

Enantra 2017

E-Cell College List

IPR Meet conducted at Bharathiar University on 12.02.2018

Mooc Report of all IEDP Spoke College

ACMA exhibition-cum-meet with institutions to create a platform for “Creating Synergies to foster better industry –Academia Connect” held on 19th Jan 2018