Training Details

Name Student Entrepreneurship Awareness Programme Apply
Venue Through Webinar / Online Training Module
Training Start Date 25-August-2021
Training End Date 31-January-2022
Phone 04422252081/82 8668100031

 EDII-TN runs an exclusive programme for academic institutions called ‘Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Programme (IEDP)’ promoting entrepreneurial and innovation ecosystem in the academic institutions across the state of Tamil Nadu.

  Currently, EDII-TN is embarking on a novel idea of reaching out to a million beneficiaries under the banner ‘Project One Million Ideas’. Since the current student population provides the pipeline of innovators and entrepreneurs in the years to come, it is proposed to target the youngsters in academic institutions by providing them awareness and motivation to kindle their minds, bringing out the best of ideas from them, handhold them and convert their ideas into prototypes and businesses, and extend the support of various schemes of the Government to eligible candidates. 

 EDII-TN is planning to create a spark of Innovation and Entrepreneurship among 8lakh students from 1500 higher education institutions to identify innovative ideas that can be converted into enterprises through program conducted in 3 different stages where the students would be motivated, educated and mentored to develop innovative business ideas. 

 The first stage of the project would be implemented online by igniting young minds through brief inspirational stories, by defining entrepreneurship, introducing entrepreneurship support system available, motivational student startup testimonials etc.

The program consists of seven modules as below:

Module 1: Introduction to Awareness Program

Module 2: Motivational Video – How Entrepreneurship can change Tamil Nadu?

Module 3: Entrepreneurship Definition – What is Entrepreneurship?

Module 4: About EDII-TN 

Module 5: Government Schemes to Support Entrepreneurs

Module 6: Set of Testimonials

Module 7: Quiz



*Note: How to Apply/Register

1. Go to website
2. if not registered with EDII-TN portal please register (One time) at
3. if registered/already registered please follow the steps as mentioned below
4. Go to click Candidate login
5. After successfully login using your credential, Scroll down in upcoming program
6. Click view in Entrepreneurship Awareness Programme (Student EAC)
7. Please verify if you selected training program is correct and Click Enroll and click confirm Attending.
9. After successfully confirming, go to your login, click my training and see "Entrepreneurship Awareness Programme (Student EAC)" online training module.