If you want to take your product or service to international markets, exporting can be a great way to expand your business and profitability. It can also help to spread risk and reduce dependence on local markets. Exporting exposes you new ideas and marketing techniques and the skills developed in foreign markets will help you better compete in the domestic market.

Starting an import export business needs a proper guidelines and understanding of the foreign market. Before starting an import or export, it is also important for the trader to obtain all the necessary import export data in matters associated with foreign trade agreement. This import export data, customs data and information collected during research helps to prepare the market report.

Before starting an export, an individual should evaluate his company's "export readiness". Planning for export should be done only, if the company's assets are good enough for export. While planning an export strategy, it is always better to develop a simple, practical and flexible export plan for profitable and sustainable export business. As the planners learn more about exporting and your company's competitive position, the export plan will become more detailed and complete. The primary reason for export is to earn foreign exchange. The foreign exchange not only brings profit for the exporter but also improves the economic condition of the country.

In the age of globalization and liberalizations, import export has become of the most lucrative business in India. Government of India is also supporting traders through various incentives and schemes to promote Indian traders for meeting the much needed requirements for adopting new technology from MNCs through Joint ventures and collaboration.

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