Enterprise Clinic

What is “EDII - BYST Entrepreneurship Clinic”?

EDII - BYST Entrepreneurship Clinic provides an opportunity for any individual or an existing entrepreneur irrespective of age and gender, to meet the Mentor - Counsellor and seek individual counselling based on his or her business idea and/or assistance available in EDII and BYST.

The Background: Where, when and how the Clinic functions?

Inaugurated on 16.06.2016, the Clinic is a joint collaboration between EDII (Entrepreneurship Development and Innovation Institute, Government of Tamil Nadu) and BYST (Bharatiya Yuva Shakti Trust - Chennai Cluster) as a result of MoU inked between the respective organizations. The Clinic functions on every Thursday between 3 to 5.30 P.M. inside EDII Premises, Guindy

Who is a Mentor - Counsellor?

A Mentor - Counsellor is a business volunteer and an accredited mentor from BYST He or she is a member of “Entrepreneurs Identification Group” (EIG Committee) in BYST He or she represents as a BYST Mentor not at his/her individual capacity

What the Clinic expects from the Applicant?

The applicant has to present his or her business idea during the counselling session. Henceforth, it is advisable for the applicant to come out with a concrete viable idea to discuss If not, the applicant can discuss 2 or 3 business ideas to Mentor Cousellor who will guide him or her to get clarified with adequate information to derive a conclusion on their own The applicant should furnish required necessary details correctly in the Application - Counselling Form A

What the Clinic expects from the Mentor - Counsellor?

The Counsellor should be an expert in general management and a specialist in any discipline or industry The Counsellor is expected to know the services offered and the eligibility criteria set for entrepreneurs by BYST and EDII The Counsellor is expected to maintain utmost confidentiality about the project and not to disclose the viability and/or uniqueness of the same The Counsellor should provide his or her inputs and other information required in the Mentor Counsellor Form B If an instance arises where the Mentor - Counsellor fall short of helping the Entrepreneur, he or she should approach the Staff of BYST Secretariat and EDII for cross- counselling

The Counsellor may give his or her contacts to the entrepreneur who seeks further help. Such kind assistance is an option and should be of genuine interest; not to be attached with any personal, business or monetary gain

What happens during the Counselling session?

The Counsellor checks the following particulars during the course of discussion:
Does the Applicant posses abilities to be an Entrepreneur?
Is the business Idea is viable?
Does he possess capabilities to take this idea forward?
The duration of each session should ideally completed within 30 minutes, this process is to screen in
those potential entrepreneurs with good ideas who can be handheld to further improve their ideas to
concrete business plans. The information given by the Counsellor is his/her preliminary opinion and
judgment based only on the discussions had with the applicant without going into specifics such as
process, machinery required, projections, profitability statements etc. This will be taken up by the
technical evaluator.

If Yes! Referred

If referred, the counsellor while recommending the proposal for next step should specify the nature of
training program to which the potential entrepreneur can be posted viz.
The potential entrepreneurs who have recently started the business enterprises and possess
inadequate knowledge about legal formalities, maintenance of books of accounts, submission of
statutory returns etc. to 3-days intensive training programme
The entrepreneurs who had well established their business enterprises and found to posses
adequate knowledge about the legal formalities, maintenance of books of accounts, submission of
statutory returns etc. to one and half days short duration training programme
If No! Signposted
The counsellor will signpost the application if the applicant has no entrepreneurial capability or does not
fulfill BYST criteria. Entrepreneurs, who cannot be supported by BYST for various reasons, are referred to
EDII, DIC, banks or other financial institutions, who would be able to help them.

How the Entrepreneurs were sourced?

The Entrepreneurs were sourced through the following ways:
Green Box placed in EDII
Press releases and advertisements released by EDII
Posters displayed and green boxes placed in BYST partnered bank branches

The Entrepreneurship Clinic is not meant for

Counselling is not an interview: The purpose of the Clinic is not only to choose potential
entrepreneurs, also to assist them about the viability of the project. The Clinic is open for the
applicant for further discussions and clarifications
The Clinic is not a place that assures business loans: The Clinic is an initial level of screening. It does
not give an assurance to the applicant for business loan. The entrepreneur is expected to undergo
further process and procedures of BYST or EDII to get loans. The availability of the loan is strictly
based on the viability of the project, the integrity of the entrepreneur and the sole decision of the
respective branch manager where the project is tabled for consideration
The Clinic is not a place for business idea generation: The Clinic is a platform to discuss and explore
possibilities on the idea suggested by the applicant and not meant to suggest business ideas to the
The Clinic is not a place to establish business contacts and marketing support: The applicant should
not seek help for marketing or any such kind from the Mentor Counsellor other than the service
offered from BYST and EDII. Any such establishment of contact or business promises falls under the
sole discretion of both the parties (Mentor Counsellor and the applicant)