EDI Services

New Entrepreneur EDP

Entrepreneurship is a culture.  The culture is inculcated by one if he comes from a family of business. But those who know nothing about a business but capable to run a business otherwise should learn what is entrepreneurship first.  It is found same business faces success at the hands of one entrepreneur and faces failure at the hands of the other one.  It is said the enterprise never fails only the entrepreneur fails.  Successful entrepreneurs possess competencies which are commonly found in all of them.  An aspiring entrepreneur has to learn about these competencies and acquire them.  An Entrepreneurship Development Programme (EDP) lays the way for a successful entrepreneur.  One of the primary tasks of EDII is to conduct EDPs targeting fresh Entrepreneurs. Read More..

Skill Development EDP

ONE should know technology or should learn and know technology if he wants to start a business.  EDII enables learning technology or process or acquire skill by imparting training through skill development programmes. Skill development programmes are conducted in components of Entrepreneurship and or activity skills, the objective of these Skill Development Programmes is to convert the participants as Entrepreneurs. Therefore, these programmes carry components of Entrepreneurship also within the module resulting in Entrepreneurship Skill Development Programmes (ESDP). Read More...

Existing Business EDP

Training or learning is a continuous process.  Not only pre-launch the need for training exists in post-launch also.  The business warrants training requirement even during operations.  Issues arising during operations, changes in statuettes, fluctuations in the market, new inventions etc necessitate training requirements. EDII, therefore, has in its agenda programmes for existing businesses. Read More..

SHG common livelihood Federation

SHG members and those involved in individual or small group activities have to graduate to higher levels of activity for increasing their income and for more sustainable benefits. With a view to achieve this Pudhu Vaazhvu Project and Tamil Nadu Women Development Corporation project has formulated a plan to give handholding and mentoring support to improve the quality, sustainability of these individual livelihoods through Common Livelihood Groups (CLGs) and then aggregate them into CLFs.Read More.. 

MSME Clusters

Micro and Small Industries Sector is the strong employment providing source of our country. Medium Industries also to some extent fall under this category. In general, MSMEs contribute to employment generation and poverty reduction in any developing country. Moreover, by virtue of its existence in a wide spread area, the distribution of wealth and opportunity are also made available in distributed fashion. In view of this, MSMEs are getting focussed attention and support from Government. This is a universal fact and not only in India. Read More..

College IEDP

Taking note of the Vision 2023 statements of the Government of Tamil Nadu, the Entrepreneurship Development and Innovation Institute, has launched a comprehensive program for entrepreneurship and innovation development for all Colleges, Polytechnics, ITIs, etc. Objectives of this program would be as below:Read More.. 

Student Internship

Entrepreneurship Development and Innovation Institute (EDII), Chennai invites application for Internship from college students studying BBA/MBA/VIS-COM/Journalism and Mass Communication through their colleges as part of their curriculum. The objective of involving students as interns is to provide firsthand knowledge and exposure in the field of communication. Services of interns will be utilized for documenting success stories of entrepreneurs assisted by Government in various sectors. Read More..


A Technology Business Incubator (TBI) is a place and network that provides support for a technology start-up business, usually started by young promoters, college students or fresh graduates.Read More.. 

Capacity building for Govt.Agencies

A Capacity Building training programme were conducted for officials of DIC, TAHDCO, TABCEDO, SIDCO etc. For DIC officials and staffs the programme is held at 5 regions in Tamil Nadu. The syllabus covered are DOM, Office Procedurs, Disciplinary proceedings, Stress Management, DIC schemes etc. For TAHDCO and TABCEDO officials the training is conducted by EDII so that the officials will guide the entrepreneurs in starting and running their business.Read More..