E-commerce is a combination of art and science to generate revenues through Internet and mobile technologies. MSME companies around the world have started making money since 1998, even small businesses in developed countries have been successful in generating decent income through E-commece.
In India, this trend has gradually picked up after the year 2010 with more consumers opting for payment online through credit cards/debit cards. However, most of the E-commerce economy continue to be driven by big investors in India. Indian consumers are ready to purchase online but Indian MSMEs have yet to invest their time and money to tap the full potential of e-commerce economy. This video session will provide sufficient foundation for manufacturers, traders/wholesalers, retailors, etc. in India to enable them to build own e-commerce websites/mobile apps.

This presentation details the E-Commerce-for-MSME.

Duration of this course: 30 mins.

System Requirements

System with Internet connection,Acrobat Reader, Adobe Flash Player,Due to Flash limitations,External Speaker or Headset some courses will only play in iOS tablets or mobile devices with additional software installation

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