Business Model Canvas

Project ideation is the first step for a potential entrepreneur.  Having chosen a project/business he has to design his business model.  This business model is a tool which enables an entrepreneur to decide who is his customer, how to reach him, they mode of delivery, his pricing strategy, etc.  Any business initiated with definite model is half way through and marches towards success without much hindrance.  An entrepreneur armed with this tool launches his business with more confidence.  To help the entrepreneur prepare his business model the BUSINESS MODEL CANVASS is provided as a tool. The nine blocks in the canvass when completed provides the structure of your business model.  Therefore, an entrepreneur who wants to  launch a business of his own would attempt to design his business model use the canvass. 

      This presentation details the Business Model Canvas.

Duration of this course: 30 mins.

System Requirements

System with Internet connection,Acrobat Reader, Adobe Flash Player,Due to Flash limitations,External Speaker or Headset some courses will only play in iOS tablets or mobile devices with additional software installation

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