Write a Case Study

Any web repository is as good as the dynamic and relevant nature of its content. EDII s website has been revamped with focus on providing EDII requires live blogs, case studies and articles on its website from the market place on entrepreneurship and innovations in MSME and startup world, policy environment, market conditions, new opportunities in E&I, etc. This will help new entrepreneurs as well as existing entrepreneurs to avoid the mistakes of another fellow entrepreneur. Further, it provokes introspection and strategic thinking.

Objectives of the scheme:

  • Generate case studies on E&I for classroom learning of trainees
  • Provides live & useful market information feeds to entrepreneurs, officers and mentors
  • Serve as documentation on field realities on E&I
  • Generate all the above largely in Tamil language


Nature of contributions that will be accepted :

  • Blogs, articles or case studies will be accepted on the following
  • Documentation of MSME entrepreneurs – with analysis successess and failures
  • Specific Business ideas, Specific market opportunities in various sectors for MSMEs
  • Government contract opportunities – with ways to access them
  • Financing, Legal, accounting, compliance related inputs for MSME units
  • Technology & Innovation for MSMEs of a particular sector
  • Personal competencies for entrepreneurs
  • Any other item that is of business use to entrepreneurs


Eligibility norms

  • Case studies must follow a factual story-telling fashion to make interesting reading
  • Must be original contribution of the author – his version, interpretation and advise
  • Case studies must provide statistics and data to justify the conclusion
  • Must not be a cut-and-paste of some other webpages (plagiarism check will be done)
  • Must be in simple language, preferably Tamil unicode font (non-unicode fonts will be rejected)
  • Must not exceed 750 words
  • In case studies, the company name will be kept confidential and will not be published


Who can contribute?

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Industry professionals
  • Legal, Accounting Professionals
  • Consultants
  • Technology experts
  • Bankers


How to write ?

Some articles you can read on how to write a case study are:


How to send the contribution?


Honorarium payable

  • On acceptance, the following payments would be made by ECS to your account. Please provide your bracnh IFSC code with account number in yur online forms
  • Rs 400 for a Tamil blog/article and Rs 250 for an English article/blog
  • Rs 750 for a Tamil case study and Rs. 600 for a Tamil case study on an MSME business in TN



Articles or blogs or case studies will be fully owned by EDII and the contributor may not republish them without permission of EDII.



The Addl Director, and Assistant Director (Communication) would be responsible for this scheme and all contributions may be submitted online and an email sent to addl.dir@editn.in under copy to ddp@editn.in, tc2@editn.in, itman@editn.in with Subject: Blog/case study. Any doubts may be clarified at 044-22252081.